The Oratory of Rosario in Saint Domenico

You will have the impression that Giacomo Serpotta sculpted the oratory in the stucco. The walls are enlivened with the frolics of putti, the small cherubim filled with the spontaneous gaiety of children. The stucco frame the canvases painted partly by Pietro Novelli, representing the Joyful Mysteries, opposing the Sorrowful Mysteries. In other places, elegant statues in delicate drapery represent the Virtues. Above the paintings, huge oval panels depict scenes from the apocalypse of Saint John. Finally, you can see a work by Anton Van Dyck: the splendid Virgin of the Rosary, painted in 1628 is actually exhibited between two allegorical statues which seem to be witnessing a special event. Other two important oil paintings are “The Flagellation” by Matthias Stomer and the “Visit of the Empress Faustina to Saint Catherine” by Borremans.

Winter hours (November-March)

from 09:00 at 15:00

Summer hours (April-October)

from 09:00 at 18:00


Piazza San Domenico, 1 - 90133 Palermo


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-Oratorio SS. Rosario in San Domenico
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