Oratory of Saint Cita

Santa Cita is the Tuscan distortion of Saint Zita. It is thus through the church of Saint Zita that you enter the oratory. The church in itself is remarkable for its chapel of the Rosary, to the right of the choir, where polychrome marquetries combine with the very delicate stucco.The oratory is a real masterpiece of Baroque exuberance. From the entrance to the oratory, you will be fascinated by the multitude of angels and putti, playing, sleeping, laughing or crying, concentrating on climbing up the cornices and hiding behind the garlands of flowers. The jewel of this avalanche of stucco is undoubtedly found at the back of the façade, where the putti are holding up drapery to reveal a bas-relief representingthe battle of Lepanto. Around it, panels retrace the Mysteries of the Rosary: the Annunciation, the Visitation, the Nativity and the Presentation to the Temple for the Joyful Mysteries and Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemene, the Flagellation, the Crowning with Thorns and the Calvary for the Sorrowful Mysteries. .

Winter hours (November-March)

from 09:00 at 18:00
from 09:00 at 15:00


Via Valverde, 3 - 90133 Palermo
Tel. +39 091 332779


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