The Garibaldi Theatre

The Teatro Garibaldi in Palermo was officially born in 1861. The building itself had a hard life. Closed, changed into a cinema and after run wild it has been given back to the City only in the nineties thanks to a big renovation project. Today, it’s a lively institution, showing plays of international prominence. The Garibaldi, as we know it today, is a very young structure, open to the newest purposes of contemporary scene. In the meantime, its past is rich in events and troubles and doesn’t lack movement. Located in the ancient Arabic quarter of Palermo, the Garibaldi is the artistic pulsing heart of the city. An archaeological frame around its building underlines its symbolic importance for Palermo and its historical memory. The Garibaldi is a place where history meets experimentation. An ambitious project according to the modern conception of theatrical spaces has been applied to the theatre. Its program policy is sort of dialectic. It shows important local authors representing the soul of Palermo with all its magic and powerful imagery, along with the new protagonists of the European theatre scenary.

The Beginning Shows

hours 21.00


Via Castrofilippo, 30 - 90133 Palermo
Tel. +39 340 2457465


bus 139 221 224 250

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