Historical notes

The Church is part of the Eparchia of Piana degli Albanesi , indeed, there takes place the Ortodosso ceremony but was founded before the Greci exodus from Albania following the Turkish conquests of those lands in the 15th century. Its founder, Gadm Re Ruggero II service Giorgio D'Antiochia , faith Ortodossa was Syriac. It was built by the Benedictine Monastery founded by Christian Martorana noblewoman and she took the name, although the Church is known as Santa Maria dell'ammiraglio and dedicated to Saint Nicolò of the Greeks. 1143, building houses the Mosaici oldest Byzantine Sicily made by Greek craftsmen, portrayed themselves as the coronation of King Roger II, the founder of the Kingdom of the Sicilia Christ in the Act of placing the Crown on his head. The dome is decorated with Christ Pantocratore .

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