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The geological Museum " Giorgio Gemmellaro " of the Department of geology of the Universita ' degli Studi di Palermo, is one of the main museums geologici and Italian paleontologici and its foundation dates back to 1838. With the advent of the Kingdom of Italy, prof. Gemellaro systematized and expanded the artifacts and collections of fossils rocce and already in the possession of the Museum institution. After a long period of neglect, under the direction of Enzo Burgio, the research work conducted by the Department has produced new and prestigious acquisitions; the complete woman scheletro named Thea , around 11,000 years ago and in exceptional condition; fossil terrestrial turtles; fossil mammals and reptiles including the new Lutra trinacriae species; the cast of travertine natural brain Elephas falconeri (exhibit unique and exceptional).

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Corso Tukory, 131 - 90134 Palermo
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