Historical notes

To enjoy the panoramic view of the city of Palermo, you must go to Castello Utveggio on MontePellegrino . The Castle dominates the town and all the underlying Conca d'Oro and sometimes you can see also l'Etna and the Islands Eolie . The castle was built in 1928 and completed five years later. It was supposed to be a Grand and exclusive Hotels thanks to its enviable position. With the second world war became a Centre for the flak fascist military forces, and American Nazi. After many years of neglect became seat of higher education CERISDI Center. Inside a large park on the slopes of MontePellegrino. The castle is connected to the city by the line 812 Amat and a shuttle that departs from via Admiral Nicastro. Timetables and further information at CERISDI's website.


Via Padre Ennio Pintacuda 1 - 90142 Palermo
Tel. +39 091 6379911


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