Historical notes

Started in the early 14th century, the Palace marks the transition between the "ancient" medieval castle and the "modern" patrician Palace. It was built to make it his residence from Manfredi Chiaramonte the powerful count feud Modica (called "Regnum in Kingdom" for its privileges), to which client you have the Sala Magna ceiling. The Palace was featured in several seasons related to power. From the 15th century to 1517 was the residence of Viceré spagnol the then seat of the Regia Dogana and from 1600 to 1782, home of Tribunale the Inquisizione fearsome. Today it is the seat of the Rectorate of the Università of Palermo . With the restoration came back to light graffiti in cells performed by convicts of the Inquisition, a secret passage which led directly to the cell Room of the Inquisitor, and the remains of a monumental building of seven meters long with an impressive roof with cross-vaults. During the restoration of the facade, in addition, have come to light the furrows left by heavy hanging cages in which they were exposed the heads of barons who rebelled against King Carlo V .

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