Torre di San Nicolò

Right next to the Church of San Nicolò di Bari to the Albergheria, stands a slender quadrangular building with ashlars well squared, it is the 14th-century civic Tower forming part of the transmission system. Built by the University of Palermo to defend the walls of the "Cassaro", was not part of the structures of the Church, but was released and isolated.

The Tower of St. Nicholas to the Albergheria, consisting of four levels, was built with stone masonry to big ashlars, using squared tufaceous rocks, the mass line, giving it a rigorous and severe.  The first chance to get from there to a plateau which would arise on the first floor that introduces to the rectory of the Church consists of a small square room covered with cross vaults, from this turns brick staircase leading to the next level. From the second floor, which happens to be square as bottom and covered with cruise, unravels a spiral staircase of the medieval period that goes beyond the other two planes to arrive on the roof, where currently there are church bells.
Going up on the tower you will discover the most beautiful panorama of the old town: the place where the Majesty of yesterday and rushing today unite wonderfully!

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