Museo di Zoologia "P. Doderlein"

The Museum of Zoology Doderlein Established in 1862 by Professor P. Doderlein, the Museo di Zoologia, which sits next to the Botanical Gardens, hosts thousands of specimens. Whether they are stuffed or preserved in formalin, the main part of them belonging to the original collection, they attest to the 19th Century interest in Natural Science. The animals are displayed in the restored, old wooden showcases, which add a touch of charm to a permanent exhibition of great didactical, historical and scientific value. Doderlein Museum excites children and fascinates grown-ups as they discover the Sicilian fauna as it was in the 19th Century, before pollution would destroy many of their habitats. Big sturgeons fished in Palermos Oreto river and giant sea breams, eels and congers testify that the Mediterranean is no longer the same. Among exitinct species that the museum features, there are specimens of the Sicilian Wolf and the Griffon Vulture, which was recently re-introduced into Sicily.

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