Historical notes

Is the seconda Chiesa after Cattedrale of Palermo and dates from XV sec . but his current facility is typically Barocco because it was ricostruita in 1640 . The imposing façade dates back to 1726 instead. Following the opening of the via Roma homonymous square in 1853, the Chiesa of San Domenico Pantheon the of Palermo . The grandeur of the Church, with its heavy columns each 16 16 tons, followed by the progressive expansion of the domenicani order in Sicilia . Among the famous palermitani buried in the aisles are located, Emerico Amari and filosofo Economist, Garibaldi, Giacinto Carini Patriots, Camillo Finocchiaro Aprile Member of Gaetano Daita , Regno d'Italia and Vincenzo Florio , entrepreneur and patron.

Church san Domenico

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Cloisters and annexes to the convent

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