Chiesa del Santissimo Salvatore

Church of Santissimo Salvatore The current building, with its oval structure, was built on the site of a former Norman church of 1071, at the end of the 17th Century it was renewed with a stunning baroque style. In fact its interior decoration in polychromed stucco and marble is a magnificent baroque creation, attributed to the architect, Paolo Amato, who invented its shape which is now unique because dodecagonal. Looking upwards, you should be able to make out the fragments of a huge fresco representing The Glory of Saint Basil. It used to be the church of a Basilian clausure monastery. Two important women were Basilian nuns: one is Saint Rosalia, the current patron saint of Palermo, the other one is Costanza d'Altavilla, who left the monastery to marry Henry VI, the father of Frederick II. The church is now used as a concert hall and it is still possible to climb the stairs to go up to the dome from which one can oversee the entire town.

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