Historical notes

With the end of Grancia, it aimed to the Gancia or hospices and farms belonging to the monasteries. 1490 Church overlooks an alley but inside it preserves the style and the works of the great artists who have left their mark in Palermo throughout the 16th century. The Gancia is linked to a famous episode of the Risorgimento Italian. The 4 April 1860, from the warehouses of Hooks set off rioting marked the beginning of the end of the Kingdom Borbonico . From the military point of view, the insurgency turned out a failure. The Bourbons, warned in advance by a spy, panned the bud to halt the uprising. Thirteen arrested were then shot ten days later. Since then the clearing in which lost their lives was called piazza XIII Victims. Two of them, however, remained trapped inside the Franciscan monastery attached to the warehouses of the Gancia, without being able to more exiting. After five days they managed to drill a hole, still visible on the side wall of the Church, and to attract the attention of the populace of the adjacent road. Through a ruse, women managed to distract the guards still in charge of the Bourbon Gancia and two Patriots managed to slip out of the hole, which at that time was called the Salvezza Buca . The events of those days are remembered by engravings made post after Italy unit on the side wall of the Church and the Bell in the cloister, whose chimes started to revolt. Finally, from 1860, a part of the annexed convent has been intended to seat of State archives.

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