Cantunera Cultural Workshop

It's called CANTUNERA and is a veritable cultural hotbed, which has created the Association "art town" to convey a modern concept of culture, which takes up the tradition and reinterpreted in a contemporary key. Inspired by the "Fado houses", is a multipurpose space where art, culture and food together, creating new art forms-dance, music, Visual Arts, literature and multimedia-with particular attention to the maintenance and enhancement of Sicilian folk music, contemporary theatre and of the Sicilian tradition such as artistic expressions of regional tourism and culture, intellectual and educational values. But also, and above all, what incentives culture dissemination in a degraded urban fabric as the historic centre of Palermo, with the introduction of elements of contrast to marginality and juvenile to discomfort.

A structure made thanks to the co-financing of the project through a European ban, which covered 70% of the amount required to recover this space, thus giving way to the Association to make concrete and real the dream of a cultural and artistic lives and throbs in piazza Monte Santa Rosalia No 12/13/14, among the ancient streets of Palermo. Rising in the heart of the historic centre of Palermo, you can really consider an urban regeneration project that looks at the territory and its needs. One of the routes to be put in place is what children watch, which devote space and attention to combat early school leaving and lawlessness.

As regards the cultural proposal this is treated specially by one of its artistic directors, Hat, songwriter of popular music, from the Sicilian tradition of Folksong, brings forward contemporary projects, in close symbiosis between tradition and innovation.

CANTUNERA is an original and welcoming place of about 180 square meters, well renovated and furnished, with about 80 seats, chairs and tables for dining and the enjoyment of events.

The new proposal also to combine gastronomy to lure tourism, cultural events, the rediscovery of traditions at the table. Cultural events are usually accompanied by aperitifs with buffet serving the finest foods of our gastronomic tradition. But there is also the option to choose "a la carte", with the Sicilian cuisine accompanied by a fine selection of wines, in a relationship between art and tasty flavors, to ensure that the kitchen is in fact also culture and living experience.

All immersed in the story told by this square, from the votive Aedicule dedicated to Santa Rosalia and the walls of surrounding buildings.


from Tuesday to Sunday
By 18:00 on




Piazza Monte Santa Rosalia, 12 - 90133 Palermo
Tel. +39 329 567 0724


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