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Presentation of correspondence between Federico De Roberto and Arun Valley

Posted on Monday, April 27, 2015 17:00

"You always doubt most beautiful things." Casting doubt on the most beautiful things ever. Words of love and literature "

The full-bodied bilateral correspondence between Federico De Roberto and Arun Valley Ribera, noblewoman named Renata (because "reborn" to love) or Nuccia (short for "girl"), covers a long period of time in an intricate, interwoven themes intimate Pertinax and literature. An ardent love affair which reveals aspects ignored the austere and shy author of "the Viceroy" and the social, cultural vita mondana , of the two poles between which unfolds, Milano e Catania from the late 1800s to early 1900s. A favourite destination of De Roberto, like chums Verga and Capuana, driven by a sense of restlessness, from an aspiration to broader horizons, Milan represents, and the correspondence is extensive testimony, the capital of power financial, cultural, media, the most advanced city, industrious, full of vivacity and teeming with artistic initiatives, with its prestigious publishers (i Fratelli Treves , Gauls), major newspapers (the "Corriere della Sera", the magazine "Read"), the renowned theatres (la Scala, the Manzoni, the Filodrammatici, the lyrical, Eden), the stylish get-togethers (the Bala, the Cova, the Savini, coffee of the Academy), the elitists living rooms (woman's Victory top of Virginia Borromeo, the same Ernesta Ribera Valley). That's where the frequent visitor are allowed with the greatest exponents of the intelligentsia of that era, journalists, writers, editors.

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