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Gemmellaro Museum pays homage to Darwin

Posted on Saturday, February 28, 2015 09:00

Gemmellaro Museum pays homage to Darwin

On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of its reopening to the public, museo Geologico " G. G. Gemmellaro " of Palermo and the Sicilian Naturalirendono Science Society tribute to Charles Darwin Figure with a cycle of conferences

The title chosen for the meetings is: "a naturalist's Voyage to the Islands circumsiciliane". The event will be structured according to the following schedule: February 12: opening remarks and initial Conference edited by: Valerio Agnesi, "geology of Darwin" Bruno Massa, "Darwin's journey towards evolutionary theory" Luca Sinite "on the origin of species. Genesis of a revolution ". For the occasion will be displayed a scale model of Beagle Brig designed by Giovanna Varrica.

19 February "tirreniano Ustica and found" a cura di f. Martin and c. Forest Of harp. 12 March "The Aeolian Islands: Islands of fire and wind" edited by p. Lo Cascio April 2 " Pantelleria : La perla nera del Mediterraneo " edited by s. and t. Roll La Mantia. 7 may "The pristine waters of aegadian Islands" edited by Renato Cc.4 June "Lampedusa Sicily: an island with African affinity" edited by b. mass. 18 June "Malta: an island detached from Sicily" by j. Borg, v. Agnesi, b., c. Mass of Patti.


The meetings are free and will be held at 16.30 at the geological Museum "g. g. Gemmellaro" of Palermo, Corso Tukory, 131. Tel. 091-23864665; 091 23864690; 091 23864691.


"Charles Robert Darwin (Shrewsbury, February 12, 1809 – London, April 19, 1882)-read verbatim on Wikipedia-was a British naturalist and geologist, known for having formulated the plant and animal  teoria dell'evoluzione delle specie by natural selection acting on variation of hereditary characters, and their diversification and multiplication by descent from a common ancestor. Signing of Darwin Published his theory on the evolution of species in the book the origin of species (1859), which is his best-known work. He collected many of the data on which he based his theory on a trip around the world on HMS Beagle, and in particular during his stop at Isole Galápagos ".

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