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Three new cultural sites become part of Pmocard circuit

Posted on martedì 14 luglio 2015 09:00

Palermo the city of the Sun

Palermo the city of the Sun

Three new cultural sites become part of the Pmocard circuit.
This is the Foundation Sicily
with the prestigious Villa Zito that reopens the doors and turns into a great extended Gallery of about a thousand square meters of exhibition rooms arranged on three floors. The inauguration ceremony took place on Saturday 20 June, in the presence of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.
The eighteenth-century villa De Cordova Museum House of St. Isidore, exceptionally integrates both remained in that in the precious furniture, artworks and furnishings. The villa was opened to the public on 20 June for the first time in its long history.
The most important cultural asset is returned to the Bitter public enjoyment with all the works, including some masterpieces, and the documents contained within this valuable casket.
The new theatre of Palermo, the Cantunera, the 13rd national theatre as holds out Sara hat, promoter of this extraordinary cultural adventure.
A multifunctional structure open to the city, in which contemporary artistic representations will take life (theatre, dance, music, Visual Arts, literature, multimedia), always paying special attention to the maintenance and enhancement of popular music, contemporary theatre and of the Sicilian tradition.
Visitors and tourists in possession of Pmocard will, therefore, recognized the reduction provided for in the Bill on performances of the theatre and the Cantunera entrance to the art gallery of Villa Zito and the Museum villa De Cordova St. Isidore of Bagheria

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