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The 3 things to know about SEO, on Pmo Card Tourist in Palermo

Posted on venerdì 19 giugno 2015 09:00

Boom in visits to the website of Pmocard with the new reservation system for Hotel and B&B

Boom in visits to the website of Pmocard with the new reservation system for Hotel and B&B

Industry studies show that the online market web agency services to companies, will have a growth of 80% for minimum estimates until 2020. In fact, increasingly easy to find the care proposals Seo company even in Palermo, to develop and share conversions using the technique of web 2.0, without which companies and businesses risk losing more and more market share from traditional sectors are moving to the web, with shares in constant growth. The studies confirm the trend, especially for the tourism sector, in which the PmoCard has for more than a year laid the foundations for the development of the sector through a tool that is widespread in all tourist cities in the world, the Tourist Card

What can I do with the PmoCard?

The Pmocard is the Tourist Card of the city of Palermo-one of the main tourist destinations of Sicily-which aims to provide all essential services for tourists. This means concretely that by purchasing the PmoCard, the tourist gets the ticket for urban public transport for the duration of the card, 24/48/72 hours, is entitled to a number of benefits and discounts on private transportation, city guides, apecalesse, taxi, rental car, budget travel and private and company bikesharing public transport Amat. In addition, the card entitles you to a discount on the inputs of the major monuments of the city, who are over 40 and on purchases in many commercial and historic centre with the latest agreement with the Amat, you can have the PmoCard associated with travel and the street bikes of public transport company of Palermo

The Card for the B&B and Hotels

The Pmocard also has another function with the reception circuit for tourists. For this he put on the net the best B&B and Hotels in Palermo, in a network that is visible to the link through which tourists from home can find the best B&B and hotels of the city centre, and use the booking service of the best deals at unbeatable prices, B & B and hotels provide only for customers of Tourist Pmo card. In this way you can achieve a dual purpose:
offer the tourist the best product on the market at affordable prices
offer B&B and hotels in Palermo a visibility on the web, that would not have without doing part of the PmoCard network

The advantage of conversions from Social networks to the network of Tourist Pmo card

In a year of activity, the Pmocard managed to achieve good sales numbers with approximately 2000 Card purchased mostly through the web and delivered tourists upon arrival in Palermo in one of the stores at the airport, the port, the tourist information Centre in the heart of the historical centre, in the city center commercial kiosks in strategic places. The PmoCard has managed to have a good volume of traffic on the web, thanks to whom he sold the Tourist Card of Palermo.
The PmoCard was able to do so thanks to the activity Seo Specialist Palermo and onto the web site and the application of web marketing strategies and Social Media Marketing with which were obtained the conversions from Social networks, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Linkedin. The PmoCard is visible on all search engines from Google, and accesses to the site are recorded for the 90% new logons and come from all over the world. The explanation of this extraordinary result is simple, any tourist just decided the destination of his trip, start browsing the web looking for news, information, videos and photographs of the city decided to visit. Most tourists organize their trip on the web, buy the first ticket and immediately after, then moving to the organisation of their visit. The first portal that they encounter in their search for Sicily and Palermo is the Pmo Tourist Card and the services that it collects for the city of Palermo. This important result was possible thanks to the activities get Seo, Social Media Marketing and Sem, using all the tools online on Social accounts through which it was possible to have many visits to the site www.pmocard.it
On the site www.pmocard.it, the tourist find the monuments of the city of Palermo with a summary in English, French, German, Spanish. All means of public and private urban transport. All the best B&B and hotels and businesses from Rinascente. The tourist when it comes www.pmocard.it website no longer needs to try things and organizes her vacation from the Hotel and B&B which chooses affordable Pmo Card. To prove that it said is true, just do the test and type on the search engines and keywords, Tourist Card. See for yourself what is the url that check mark at the top of the page. Good search

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