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The PmoCard lands in the u.s.

Posted on giovedì 10 aprile 2014 09:00

The SERVICE card to Palermo on NowItaly

The SERVICE card to Palermo on NowItaly

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A new tourist card will be available Palermo at the kiosks in downtown, in the terminal of the airport, at the seaport and on the website dedicated to it (www.pmocard.it). It was created on the basis of the experience already gained in the other Italian cities . It is the service cards PmoTouristCard , putting on the web useful services for the tourists and visitors of Palermo. The services are integrated in the card, which is out in the market in four different formats of 24/48/72 h, and at the port in the cruise version for the cruisers. They differ, as far as the the transports are concerned, from the free access to the public transports of the City bus Company Amat, to the reductions on the taxi fares and on the prices of the Ape Curricles (special taxis). Through the card it will be possible to extend the City Sightseeing on the double decker busses from 24 to 48 hours and to obtain the car rental discounts. The coverage on the available urban transports is complete, then, for both public and private transports, and the displacements, for example Mondello or Monreale , are easy to also for the cruisers . The cards are equipped by a guide in English language, Palermo and map of four itineraries dedicated to the visit of the old town centre. With the card you can require an affordable tour leader also at evening, to discover the nightlife of the city. Besides, thanks to the available and to the WebApp QRCODE , the tourists equipped with a Smartphone can consult the map on the net, benefit from the services and by using the handy geo-localization service, display the shorter path to reach the places where they want to go. At present the NFC Italy, the society commercializing the product Pmo, is spreading the cards through the facilities. As well As on the portal, so that B & B and hotels have the possibility to propose a new and articulated service for their guests. Most of the museums and cultural sites handled by or assigned to foundations or private organizations have joined Pmo. Besides the most important religious buildings of Palermo and Monreale, managed by the Genio di Palermo association and the Itinerars Association, other partners of the project are the Foundation Frederick II, with Cappella Palatina and Palazzo Reale , the most visited Palermo website, and the discounts on purchases to the bookshop, the Internazioale Museum of Marionette a. Pasqualino, Fondazione Sicilia with Paalazzo, Tower Palace Branciforte Piraino, head office of the Museum Rooms to the genius Association, Teatro Massimo. Moreover, adhere to that the prestigious Galleria d'Arte Moderna of Piazza s. Anna, GAM, the Teatro gods Pupi of Mimmo Cuticchio and the museum website of the University of Palermo, the Orto Botanico, the Museo della Specola with the Astronomic Observatory of Normanni Palace. The news about the card is not over yet, in fact, for the owners of the PmoCard there are a series of advantages to exploit for the purchases in the new and interesting workshops in the historic center, where Sicilian handmade objects are sold, between via Bara to Olivella and via Paternostro, and there is even the possibility of buying designer stuff at reduced prices thanks to the agreement with the department store ' La Rinascente ' and that of having the chance to taste at good price wine, food and street-food. The PmoCard is an innovation in the landscape of the sector of the tourism services. It is an initiative one can't refuse, it is aimed to tourists and to frequent travellers, in the city they are headed to visit a tourist card, putting on the net the necessary and most interesting services to find out a place never seen before. At the end, the initiative has been accepted as a result of the recent mission of the Tourism Board, together with the authorities of the major Ports on the island, to the Cruise Shipping of Miami , in the version offered to the cruisers of the Mediterranean transiting at the port of Palermo.

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